Bandolero™️ Custom Stabilized Koa

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Bandolero™️ Finished in breathtaking, stabilized Exotic Koa with violet, shadow core liners and countersunk stainless steel pins. The end result is a durable, hefty and weather/abrasion resistant product, that’ll last a lifetime. 

The Bandolero™️ Is an Over-The-Top (OTT), Flatband style, Metal Core Slingshot®, featuring a 1/8” stainless steel core.

Measuring 3.25”x4.5”x.75”. It has a fork gap of 1 5/8” and a 7/8” fork tip.

Relatively shaped to the SPS®, but slightly narrower and shorter for a more relaxed fit and grip. 

Included will be one Bandolero™️, safety lanyard and one assembly of tapered, flat latex bands.